muscledevelop Men have always been intrigued by a muscular physique that gives them a smart lean look. However, as not all men are made the same, everyone cannot easily achieve the kind of body they would like to have. Even those who have a well-sculpted body know that it is not easy to muscledevelop. You need to work really hard on building muscles to get the lean muscular look that most young men strive to accomplish. It is not impossible to build muscles, but you must know the right way to do so. To learn more about this let us first see how muscles grow.

There are three types of muscles, but we will only refer to skeletal muscles here, as we are talking about building body muscles. When you work out, your muscles contract and gain strength. As the muscles gain strength, their growth slowly begins. This muscledevelop process steadily continues with your daily workouts. While working out, your muscles get damaged and are repaired by the body through a cellular process. Muscle fibers are merged to create new muscle protein fibers, called myofibrils. The repaired muscles thus increase in thickness and number, causing hypertrophy.

How to Muscledevelop the Right Way


Muscle protein synthesis must be greater than muscle protein breakdown for faster muscle growth. This is not all. There is more to adding muscles to the muscle cells. You need to activate satellite cells to add volume to your muscles. Satellite cells work like stem cells and add nuclei to muscle cells, helping muscledevelop. However, for muscles to grow, you need to apply greater stress to them than what your muscles have been used to earlier. Research results show that stress increases hormone release and the flow of nutrients into the muscle. This combined with rest helps enhance muscle mass.

Hormones regulate the activity of satellite cells and are responsible for the repair and growth of muscles. The principal hormone that promotes muscle growth is testosterone. It prevents the breakdown of proteins, improves protein synthesis, accelerates other anabolic hormones and triggers satellite cell activity. Testosterone is available in the body, but it is sealed and largely unavailable for muscledevelop. However, vigorous training, intense workouts and weight lifting help release this testosterone, which then repairs tissues and activates muscle growth.

It is important to note that your body requires sufficient nutrition and rest to assist in the muscle growth process. If you do not get enough of either of these, the anabolic process may be reversed, causing damage to your body instead. You need to have proper nutrition if you are looking to muscledevelop. A meal that is well-balanced, with the right amount of proteins is recommended. Although nutritionists say only 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight is required to keep you healthy, you need to have more than 3 grams if you wish to gain weight.

Protein is essential for hormone production, repair and growth of muscles. It must be kept in mind that up to 30 grams of protein can be taken at a time apart from that taken after a workout; any additional protein is stored away as fat. It is hence important to have several smaller meals in the day, rather than having three large meals. Proteins taken in the form of liquids are said to act faster in the muscledevelop process than when eaten in the solid form. Having proteins right after a workout, helps gain weight, speed up damaged muscle fiber recovery and increase insulin release.